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I need to find a greatest element in the given COLUMN of the list:

myList = [(1,2,0), (3,5,8), (9,1,2)]

Something like this:

max(myList(:,2)) // maximal element in the 2nd column

In this example the answer should be 5.

I wrote the following code, but how can I put the 1st or 2nd column into the input of "max"?

fun findSum(myList:MyList) = max(#1 myList) + max(#2 myList)

fun max [] = 0
  | max (x::xs) = foldl Int.max x xs


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The simplest way would be to map the appropriate selector onto the list, then using max on the result of that.

max (map #2 myList)

Note, of course, there's no way to do it for tuples of arbitrary size (due to types), and no easy way to convert an integer into a selector. (Apart from creating a function where you manually map each integer onto the appropriate selector.)

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