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This question is about the java.nio package, in particular, the Path class.

I've always used the standard java File API, along with FileUtils for file based operations, reading, writing, checking availability, etc... and I've never had much of a problem...

...However, I've been seeing alot of use of the Path class in the java.nio package lately. It seems as though there isn't a clear link in the Path API to the older, File API.

I thus have 3 questions which , hopefully, will help me reorient myself with the spirit of the Path API.

1) Are we moving towards deprecation, or less usage, of the java.io File class ?

2) What are the benefits/reasons for adopting the java.nio Path class for file operations ?


3) (less significant, but would be really helpful to know...) What is the relation (either in spirit, or at the code level) between java.nio Path and the org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path class ?

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1) File will stay, but already before Path sometimes URL.getStream was more versatile (file://... and http://). Now Path can have several file systems, like into a zip; maybe you encountered the old URL "..../xxx.jar!org/yyy/res/zzz.png".

2) Immediately: the event handling, watching changes on a directory and such.

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So ...... are we going to see overlapping between the functionality of java.nio.Path/java.io.File –  jayunit100 Dec 21 '11 at 20:30
URI didn't replace URL. And also with File and Path there are too many interconnections and usages of File. At least three years probably before full deprecation. –  Joop Eggen Dec 22 '11 at 1:07
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