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I need to create a program that would turn on 4G/WiMax (On an Evo 4G) off or on (based on current state).

I was digging around the API and noticed there is not a lot of mentioning of WiMax or 4G. I noticed: - but still I can't get WiMax to toggle on or off using the following code bit.

// get phone state
ConnectivityManager cm =

cm.startUsingNetworkFeature(cm.TYPE_WIMAX, "4g");

Thank you. I know this is possible i am just not sure how to do it.

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For the next person to run into this problem heres the solution when it comes to MOST HTC phones that are wimax capable:

//make the object
Object wimaxManager = (Object)getBaseContext().getSystemService("wimax");

//declare the method
Method setWimaxEnabled = wimaxManager.getClass().getMethod("setWimaxEnabled", new Class[] { Boolean.TYPE });

//turn it on
setWimaxEnabled.invoke(wimaxManager, new Object[] { Boolean.TRUE });

//turn it off
setWimaxEnabled.invoke(wimaxManager, new Object[] { Boolean.FALSE });

There we go :)

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