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I've created Java app in Netbeans, today I moved that app into Maven project,

I've created all dependencies in pom.xml, and application builds succesfuly and runs as before Maven migration.

However I have problem with deployment,

I was trying to use that Deployment of artifacts with FTP (Maven Deploy Plugin) but after inserting Netbeans project is broken.

My questions are:

What is easiest way to copy jar and maven files to some server by ftp or scp after pressing F6 in Netbeans (build button),

also how to run that app? before Maven I was using WinSCP to copy jar file, I've copied also lib directory with dependencies and I was using:

java -jar app.jar

Can Maven on remote host use java7 not system java? I have jdk7u4 untarred on server, and I'm using that to run my application. Can maven invoked by command line be handled by system java, but run application from java7 or I have to have only java7 in PATH?

Can Maven be bundled to single jar so I can run:

maven app.jar PARAM1 PARAM2.. 
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