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I'm looking for an code example how to get all children of parent control.

I have no idea how do it.

foreach (Control control in Controls)
  if (control.HasChildren)
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Your question isn't clear. How do you want to 'get' those controls, seeing as how you already know how to iterate through them? – Mr Lister Dec 21 '11 at 19:51
You are already iterating the children with the foreach loop. At least the children of this.Controls, presumably the form. It isn't otherwise clear what you mean with "parent control". – Hans Passant Dec 21 '11 at 19:54

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If you only want the immediate children, use

var children = control.Controls.OfType<Control>();

If you want all controls from the hierarchy (ie, everything in the tree under a certain control), use:

    private IEnumerable<Control> GetControlHierarchy(Control root)
        var queue = new Queue<Control>();


            var control = queue.Dequeue();

            yield return control;

            foreach (var child in control.Controls.OfType<Control>())

        } while (queue.Count > 0);


Then, you might use something like this in a form:

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        /// get all of the controls in the form's hierarchy in a List<>
        var controlList = GetControlHierarchy(this).ToList();

        foreach (var control in controlList)
            /// do something with this control


I modified the GetControlHierarchy() method to use a queue instead of a stack, which may be more efficient, and replaced the is and as with control.Controls.OfType<>() for clarity.


It is insanely unlikely that you'll ever wind up with a cycle in a control hierarchy, but it is technically possible. If this happens, a) someone is doing it wrong, and b) add a hash table that keeps track of the control hashes, and modify the GetControlHierarchy() method to either throw an exception or simply not yield any control that's already been processed. (This is the type of thing that comes up in interviews, for some reason.)

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Controls have a MyControl.Controls collection which you can do a foreach on.

Each Control also has a Parent property which gives you the parent control.

You can write a recursive method if you need to go down an unknown number of levels.

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Maybe it could be useful for someone:

public void GetControlsCollection(Control root,ref List<Control> AllControls,  Func<Control,Control> filter)
    foreach (Control child in root.Controls)
        var childFiltered = filter(child);
        if (childFiltered != null) AllControls.Add(child);
        if (child.HasControls()) GetControlsCollection(child, ref AllControls, filter);

This is recursive function to get the collection of controls with the possibility of appling filter (for expample by type). And the example:

 List<Control> resultControlList = new List<Control>();
 GetControlsCollection(rootControl, ref resultControlList, new Func<Control,Control>(ctr => (ctr is DropDownList)? ctr:null ));

It will return all DropDownLists in rootControl and his all children

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