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As mentioned on the Aquarium, the WebSocket protocol, often described as one of the key elements of HTML5, has finally been blessed (RFC 6455).

Which WebSocket server implementations are available for Delphi?

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It is implemented in Delphi on Rails, it support old and new WS protocol. http://code.google.com/p/delphionrails/

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Try IPworks for Delphi, they have nice quite of interoperable components (paid, not free).


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The WServer component docs does not make clear if it is possible to use the same port (80) both for normal HTTP and Websockets. Do you know if this is supported by their library? –  mjn Mar 7 at 5:47
I currently use their SSL component for HTTP & HTTPS on 80/443 respectively. However I'm still evaluating their WS component so I cannot give you an answer just yet. Perhaps try their support email, I've always found them to respond quickly and professionally. –  Rick Wheeler Mar 9 at 21:52
You can use the LocalPort property in the WSServer component. So assuming you don't already have something listening on port 80, you can set LocalPort to 80 and the component will listen on port 80. As Rick mentioned, feel free to email support@nsoftware.com, we will get back to you within 24 hours (usually better). –  Brandon Mar 21 at 20:02
Also the link Rick posted is no longer available you can still access the information from nsoftware.com/ipworks/ws/#plat-delphi. –  Brandon Mar 21 at 20:39

Here is 2 more projects:

  • bauglir-websocket - WebSocket server/client implementation in Pascal and C#;
  • ics-websockets - WebSockets server for Delphi based on Internet Component Suite (ICS);
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The author of AsmProfiler has released a WebSocket implementation for Delphi, based on Internet Direct (Indy).

It includes both client and server code and is available here.

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