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I'm trying to use a click handler. My function is as so (these are both in the same class):

protected bool Save()
      //do work

and I attempted to call it with:

using (Ext.Net.Button yes = new Ext.Net.Button())
     // random set up for button

     // failed because it couldn't find namespace
     yes.Listeners.Click.Handler = "Namespace.Class.Save();";

     // attempt 2: removed the first one and assumed that the [DirectMethod] sets
     // it to be Ext.net.DirectMethods.Save();
     yes.Listeners.Click.Handler = "Ext.net.DirectMethods.Save();"


First failed unable to locate namespace, second failed because "object doesn't support this property or method."

What string do I use to render this? If not by the Listeners.Click.Handler way, how else can I do it?

The function is in a custom control that extends Ext.Net.Window and the using item is in a function called Display() that renders the control.

Per vladsch's response, I have changed it to:

 public bool Save()
      //do work

and the handler string is now:

 yes.Listeners.Click.Handler = "MyMethods.Save();"

when doing so, I get "'MyMethods' is undefined."

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Does switching 'Handler' to 'Fn' help at all? –  dougajmcdonald Jan 10 '12 at 10:15

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DirectMethod must be public Also you can define own namespace (instead Ext.net.DirectMethods) [DirectMethod(Namespace="MyDirectMethods")]

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Ext.NET forum post by Daniil

Using X.GetCmp I was able to retrieve the data. It probably isn't the best way possible (probably a way without postback), but it at least netted the results I needed.

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