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I have a page with a link and an IFrame on the page. On click of the link, I create a form around it and then post it. This is what I am doing:

elem.wrap('<form id="fooForm" name="fooForm" action = " do.php " target = "fooIframe" method="post" />')

The form posts and opens in new page and not in IFrame.

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This sounds terrifying, but all you need is an iframe to target with your link

<iframe name=blah></iframe>
<a href="" target="blah>
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What are you doing that for... do it properly using some ajax:

$.post('go.php',$("#fooForm").serialize(), function(response){
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I HAVE to use iframe for some security reasons. earlier i was just populating the href of the link inside the src attr of the iframe. but even that has some concerns so what i thought of doing is wrapping a form around the link and then posting the form to ifrae. – ideate Dec 21 '11 at 20:40

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