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Is there a way to slow down my development computer to try to replicate a defect that only occurs intermittently on a slow machine?

(For what it's worth, Ableton Live has a CPU usage simulation feature, but I've never seen something like this for debuggers.)

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This tool provides a decent CPU stress capability. I assume that's what you mean by "slow down". :)

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The currently popular stability test programs are:

  • Prime95 (this program's torture test)
  • 3DMark2001
  • CPU Stability test
  • Sisoft sandra
  • Quake and other games
  • Folding@Home
  • Seti@home
  • Genome@home

This is from the stress testing documentation for Prime95.

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An old question, but I'd also suggest using VMWare Workstation. You can allocate more or less resources to virtual machines, and you can record/playback the execution of the machine, so you can catch the bug in the act and then step through it at your leisure.

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