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I'm developing multi languages application and intent to have DONE button localized. This button is appear in UIWebView when user clicked on dropdown ("select" tag) with multiselect:

enter image description here

By default, this is always in English. However, if you set CFBundleAllowMixedLocalizations to YES in .plist file, you will be able to get it in current SYSTEM language:

enter image description here

Here, DONE is written in Chinese, when text in select in Arabic. It is because current system languages (i.e. set in Settings) is Chinese, but inside app I selected Arabic so app is using Arabic bundle with Arabic strings file.

I wonder, is any possibility to localize "DONE" button to current Application's language, but not system language?

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Don't use "Application's language". Simply use the system language, like all other applications do.

I'm sure it's possible to somehow achieve it, but you're simply taking the wrong approach to localization.

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