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The following statement runs fine:

$wb.upLinearLoad.append('<div>' + sprintf("%5s%8.1f to%7.1f%8.1f%6.0f%8.0f",sLinearSegName[i][j],fLinearPtBA[i][j],fLinearPtBA[i][j+1],fLen,fLinearPtPpi[i][j],fLinearSegMaxWt[i][j]).replace(/ /," &nbsp;") + '</div>');

However, I now have a need to dynamically change the color of the last two variables only, so I decided to enclose them in a span with a class='wt' to control their color. This gives:

$wb.upLinearLoad.append('<div>' + sprintf("%5s%8.1f to%7.1f%8.1f<span class='wt'>%6.0f%8.0f</span>",sLinearSegName[i][j],fLinearPtBA[i][j],fLinearPtBA[i][j+1],fLen,fLinearPtPpi[i][j],fLinearSegMaxWt[i][j]).replace(/ /," &nbsp;") + '</div>');

which fails because the space between span and class gets changed to &nbsp;

My regex ability goes only as far the example, so the question becomes how do I change all but the first space to &nbsp;?

Any and all suggestions are most welcome, and especially if you see that my whole approach is poor.

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Just don't do it using strings. Instead, use the jQuery/DOM manipulation. It's less prone to error and more efficient.

        sprintf("%5s%8.1f to%7.1f%8.1f", sLinearSegName[i][j], fLinearPtBA[i][j], fLinearPtBA[i][j+1], fLen),
        $('<span>').addClass('wt').text(sprintf("%6.0f%8.0f</span>", fLinearPtPpi[i][j], fLinearSegMaxWt[i][j]))[0]
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While a copy and paste of minitech's suggestion produced a jumbled display, I think he has pointed me in the right direction although I have yet to fully understand it. For the moment, I have it working by doing the following: $wb.upLinearLoad.append('<div>' + sprintf("%5s%8.1f to%7.1f%8.1f",sLinearSegName[i][j],fLinearPtBA[i][j],fLinearPtBA[i][j+1],fLen).r‌​eplace(/ /g,"&nbsp;") + '<span class="wt">' + sprintf('%6.0f%8.0f',fLinearPtPpi[i][j],fLinearSegMaxWt[i][j]).replace(/ /g,"&nbsp;") + '</span></div>'); but I think what I need to do is understand how to use append and text simultaneously. –  Terry Dec 27 '11 at 21:09
@Terry: There was a little problem in my code, sorry. Try it again, it should work now. –  minitech Dec 28 '11 at 21:49

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