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$desquery = "SELECT DISTINCT destination FROM stuff"; 
$des = mysql_query($desquery) or die(mysql_error());
while($datarow = mysql_fetch_row($des)){
for ($i=0;$i <count($datarow);$i++)
    if ($i==3) {echo "Hello";}
echo $datarow[$i];
echo "</br>";
echo $i;
echo "</br>";

Give output Singapore 0 Haipong 0 sin 0 shanghai 0 hongkong 0 sidney 0 BANGKOK 0 My question why $i output not increase (always 0) so that the "hello" word never printed. Thx for help

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You are selecting only one column, so count($datarow) is every time exactly 1. The while loop loops over every row selected from database and the for cycle is trying to loop over selected columns, which is always 1 on every row, so $i is never increased and every time reinitialized to 0.

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its solved.. thanks peter. – Sony Bahtiar Dec 21 '11 at 23:02

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