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I would like to adjust some Simulink parameters programatically, namely specifying external inputs and initial state. The Mathworks' help document on Data Import/Export shows how to do so both visually and programmatically. Apparently for external inputs, I need to specify LoadExternalInputs to 'on'; I would like to override the default external input via ExternalInput to [myTimeVar, myInputVar], as documented in that link.

Trying to run the command

sim('mySim', 'LoadExternalInputs', 'on', 'ExternalInput', [myTimeVar, myInputVar]);

yields the following error message:

Invalid setting in block_diagram 'mySim' for parameter 'ExternalInput'

If I'm not supposed to specify my external input in the sim() call, where am I supposed to do it? I'm quite confused as to how to specify my inputs and states.

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The ExternalInput parameter must be a string, try this:

sim('mySim', 'LoadExternalInputs', 'on', 'ExternalInput', '[myTimeVar, myInputVar]');
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Thanks very much! The documentation is inconsistent, it looks like, as it says ExternalInput defaults to [t,u] rather than '[t,u]'. – Dang Khoa Dec 22 '11 at 3:44

As pointed out by @MikeT, the sim command works in a parameter name-value fashion, so both the parameter name and value must be strings. The command should be:

sim('mySim','LoadExternalInput', 'on', 'ExternalInput', [myTimeVar, myInputVar]);

I believe the parameter 'LoadExternalInput' is not necessary, but in any case, it is 'LoadExternalInput' rather than 'LoadExternalInputs'. I checked it with get_param('modelName','ObjectParameters')

Some important remarks:

Remark #1:

When using sim, Simulink automatically switches the workspace to the model's, so one might get errors if sim is executed within a MATLAB function or unitTest.

Remark #2

In the pair 'ExternalInput','Inputs', 'Inputs' should contain the column-wise concatenation of all the column vectors inputs, starting with the time vector: '[myTimeVar, myInputVar1, myInputVar2, ..., myInputVarN]', all of them column vectors.

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help sim in MATLAB shows me a different command format than what you're using:

[t,x,y] = sim(model,timespan,options,ut);

I think maybe this is what you want?

sim('mySim', myTimeSpan, [], [myTimeVar, myInputVar]);

(where myTimeSpan is the time span to simulate over)

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That's a deprecated call, and I can't specify initial state with it either.. I did look into that though, but it's not as robust as the newer syntax. – Dang Khoa Dec 21 '11 at 23:53
Ah, my apologies, I was using an older version and didn't know about the new syntax – Kevin K Dec 21 '11 at 23:59

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