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Please take a look on this tab on this Facebook Page


My question is how is it possible that the app on the tab knows if I liked a fan page, because when I like it, the tab changes its content.

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The Signed Request conatins data if the user is an admin of the page and/or a liked the page (which is akin to fan).

Signed Request Facebook

Similar question with the coding examples here Facebook pages.isfan question

You didn't say what language you are using so I am intentionally leaving this quite vague as there is little point doing an example that is irrelevant.

EDIT: This page has some examples for server and client workflows, which are quite good http://www.masteringapi.com/tutorials/facebook-api-check-if-a-user-is-fan-of-a-facebook-page/20/

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Thanks a lot! I know how it works now :) Sorry about that language thing :) – madvas Dec 21 '11 at 22:47

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