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PostgreSQL newb here. I'd like to monitor the queries getting fired at my database from an application. To that end, I've found pg_stat_activity, but more often then not, the rows which are returned read ' in transaction'. I'm either doing something wrong, not fast enough to see the queries come through, am confused, or all of the above!

Can someone recommend the most idiot-proof way to monitor queries running against PostgreSQL? I'd prefer some sort of easy-to-use UI based solution (example: SQL Server's "Profiler") , but I'm not too choosy.

Thanks much!

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With PostgreSQL 8.4 or higher you can use the contrib module pg_stat_statements to gather query execution statistics of the database server.

Run the SQL script of this contrib module pg_stat_statements.sql (on ubuntu it can be found in /usr/share/postgresql/<version>/contrib) in your database and add this sample configuration to your postgresql.conf (requires re-start):

custom_variable_classes = 'pg_stat_statements'
pg_stat_statements.max = 1000
pg_stat_statements.track = top # top,all,none
pg_stat_statements.save = off

To see what queries are executed in real time you might want to just configure the server log to show all queries or queries with a minimum execution time. To do so set the logging configuration parameters log_statement and log_min_duration_statement in your postgresql.conf accordingly.

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PgAdmin offers a pretty easy-to-use tool called server monitor

(Tools ->ServerStatus)

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I haven't tried it myself unfortunately, but I think that pgFouine can show you some statistics.

Although, it seems it does not show you queries in real time, but rather generates a report of queries afterwards, perhaps it still satisfies your demand?

You can take a look at http://pgfouine.projects.postgresql.org/

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