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I have a Model in my Rails 3.1 app that is not backed by a table. In fact I did not even inherit from ActiveModel (which may have been a mistake...).

I wanted to use the generators to create a view really since this model has 67 attrs (user wants to occasionally specify what is in a certain attr and other times have it default).

When I run rails g controller TestDataRecords index show edit new destroy create update I do not get the views pre-populated.

Any thoughts?


class TestDataRecord
  belongs_to :test_data_set

  attr_accessor :sample_attr # repeat 66 times

  def after_initilize
    return unless new_record?
    self.sample_attr = "default value"
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Check out: https://github.com/ryanb/nifty-generators for a great gem that will give you the option to select the controller actions you want to generate views for.

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