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I couldn't figure out a way to do this in EL/JSTL so when I do this:

int myIntPrimitiveValue = pageContext.getAttribute("myDataObject.myIntPrimitiveValue");
MyEnumObject myEnumInstance = myEnumObject.get(myIntPrimitiveValue);
String myEnumValueName = myEnumInstance.getName();
pageContext.setAttribute("myEnumValueName", myEnumValueName);

I get this error:

Cannot cast from Object to int (line 1 in this snippet)

I know there's a valid value in myDataObject.myIntPrimitiveValue because I can print it like this with JSTL:

<c:out value="${myDataObject.myIntPrimitiveValue}"/>

What am I doing wrong here?

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This is because:


returns Object

What you need is converting the Object to int. For example:

int myIntPrimitiveValue = Integer.valueOf("" + pageContext.getAttribute("..."));
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Cast object into your required type, as pageContext.getAttribute() return object such as session return object. you need to do one of these

int myIntPrimitiveValue = (Integer)pageContext.getAttribute("myDataObject.myIntPrimitiveValue");


int myIntPrimitiveValue = Integer.valueOf("" + pageContext.getAttribute("myDataObject.myIntPrimitiveValue"));
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