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I have a method to retrieve session variables, in this case Organizations. For some reason, when I call the get session method the get Organizations and pass the data to a SelectList method to handle some naming logic, the session variable is getting updated. I don't wanted the session values updated and don't understanding what is happening. Below are all the methods. What am I missing?

Controller Method:

public ActionResult Create()
            SignUpEventFormModel model = new SignUpEventFormModel();

            SelectListHelpers listHelper = new SelectListHelpers();
            model.OrganizationList = listHelper.GetOrgSelectList(sessionRepository.GetUserSession().Organizations, null);

            return View(model);

Get User Session Method:

 public UserSession GetUserSession()
            UserSession us =  (UserSession)HttpContext.Current.Session["UserSession"];
            if (us == null)
                string email = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name;
                SessionSetupRepository sessionsetupRepository = new SessionSetupRepository(new UserRepository(null, null), new SignUpRepository(), new ActivityRepository(), new OrganizationRepository());
                us = sessionsetupRepository.SetupUserSession(email);

            return us;

Get Org Select List Method:

   public SelectList GetOrgSelectList(IEnumerable<Organization> Orgs, int? SelectedOrgID)
            List<Organization> OrgList = Orgs.ToList();

            OrgList.Where(o => !o.IsAdmin).ToList().ForEach(o => o.Name = o.Name + " (Permission Request Required)");

            if (SelectedOrgID.HasValue)
                return new SelectList(OrgList, "OrganizationID", "Name", (int)SelectedOrgID);
                return new SelectList(OrgList, "OrganizationID", "Name");
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That's how reference types work in .NET. Contrary to value types you are passing references and not values. Thus their name: reference types. – Darin Dimitrov Dec 22 '11 at 8:22
How to get just the values and not pass the reference? Note, I am using Ninject to inject the Session Repository. – scottrakes Dec 22 '11 at 15:02
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Created a IList parameter and converted the organizations to a list.

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