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I'm making an application that involves logging into a server, however, the post data needs some encoding.

Dim strEncUsername As String = Server.HtmlEncode(Me.txtUsername.Text)

However, since this isn't an application, this doesn't work. How the hay am I supposed to do this? I tried looking for an Imports thing, but no real luck.

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If you add a reference to System.Web to your project you can use the following to html encode your string

Dim strEncUsername As String = System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Me.txtUsername.Text)

MSDN Documentation for HttpUtility.HtmlEncode

Screenshot of intellisense showing HtmlEncode:
Screenshot of intellisense showing HtmlEncode

Screenshot of references in project:
Screenshot of references in project

Output from application:

unsafe text: <em>evil em tags within</em>
safe text: &lt;em&gt;evil em tags within&lt;/em&gt;
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Doesn't work. (most common problem ever for any coder). 'HTTPUtility' is not a member of 'Web'. I'm using VS 2008. Is this a new member of the System.web namespace? It shouldn't be. – Austin Burk Dec 22 '11 at 1:33
@AustinBurk, it has been part of System.web since at least .Net Framework 1.1 according to MSDN. You've definitely referenced the right DLL? I'll create a quick console app to test myself. – davidsleeps Dec 22 '11 at 1:34
This stupid comment thing doesn't want to give me line breaks. Pretty sure. (earlier in code: Imports System.Web later in code: Dim strEncUsername As String = System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Me.txtUsername.Text) – Austin Burk Dec 22 '11 at 1:41
@AustinBurk have you added a reference to the project in Project \ Add Reference (Browser to System.Web) – davidsleeps Dec 22 '11 at 1:42
Aha! Problem solved. Thanks! Now all I have to do is find my muffin recipe. Mmm. – Austin Burk Dec 22 '11 at 1:45

System.web is not available in NET 4.0 client profile... I wonder why.

It can't even be added as a reference.

But the same thing can be accomplished by using:


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Thanks, I JUST did this like a month ago and already forgot, but you have it right. For 4.0+ you need System.Net.WebUtility. I'm glad, I have completely removed System.Web from my web applications. It's all System.Net – Suamere Mar 27 '13 at 22:17

You shoud use HttpUtility (add reference to System.Web first).

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