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I am having problems figuring out the syntax in Backbone + Coffeescript. (Rails 3)

I have the following:{'url'  : $("#product_search").val()},
  {success: (event) => alert "StackOverflow"},
  {error:  (response) => alert "oh no!"}
  1. The success-event works in this case, the error-event doesn't.
  2. I also can't figure out how to add multiple actions to a success-event as coffeescript gives me a syntax-error when I split the code into multiple lines inside the success event.

Thank you for your help! Best, Phil

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You're putting in a third parameter into the save method, where it only takes two:[attributes], [options])

This is just a coffeescript/javascript syntax error that's easy to fix.

Try this:
  url: $("#product_search").val()
  success: (model, response) ->
    alert "StackOverflow"
    alert "More alerts"

  error: (model, response) ->
    alert "oh no!"
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must have skipped the syntax in the backbone docs! thank you very much @joshvermaire, works like a charm! –  user966041 Dec 22 '11 at 1:55

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