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I have an SQLite DB with one table that holds IDs for several strings, like so:

id    sym_const
1     play
2     go
3     fill
4     say

The DB also has several tables other with several columns of integer data, with the integers being IDs corresponding to strings in the above table:

attr    val_const
1       3
4       2

I need to do a query to grab the rows from the second table, but replacing the integers with their corresponding strings from the first table, like so:

attr    val_const
play    fill
say     go

How would I do this? FYI, this is for exploring the semantic memory database of a Soar application.

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Assuming Table Names:

SELECT  attr        = m1.sym_const,
        val_const   = m2.sym_const
  FROM  SecondTable s
        JOIN MainTable m1 on = s.attr
        JOIN MainTable m2 on = s.val_const
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Use a JOIN or a LEFT JOIN. Look up SQL syntax documentation if you're not sure what that means.

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