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There are Windows dll's here:

There are .NET setups here:

If I'm using sqlite for an ASP.NET web application, which one should I use?

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The Windows .dll's are straight Win32 versions (which, of course, you can use from .Net if you wish to).

But if you're using a .Net program (C#, VB.Net or ASP.Net), you're probably better off using the .Net versions.

To elaborate a bit - the .Net version is a fork:

This is a fork of the popular ADO.NET adapter for SQLite known as System.Data.SQLite. The originator of System.Data.SQLite, Robert Simpson, is aware of this fork, has expressed his approval, and has commit privileges on the new Fossil repository. The SQLite development team intends to maintain System.Data.SQLite moving forward.

You might also be interested in this link.

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This is slightly unrelated, but is there such a thing as Windows development without .NET anymore, or would you have to use compilers from VS6 and before? – merlin2011 Dec 22 '11 at 0:56
Yes, of COURSE there's such a thing as "Windows development without .Net"!!!!!!!!!!! – paulsm4 Dec 22 '11 at 18:15

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