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I have a application on iis7 using anonymous authentication. I want to retrieve the LOGON_USER from the server variables. It is currently empty. Microsoft suggests how to populate the values of serer variables in this post.

But that is for iis5 & 6. How to do it in IIS7?

Actual problem I am trying to solve is: the application is for intranet and internet users and is a sitecore application running on iis7. If I use windows authentication, I get the domain and username and I can bypass login for intranet users, but for external users, i need to have anonymous authentication also. Having both together will not populate values in the server variables. Have been going through many posts. Also this which says to use Forms and windows authentication.

Not able to solve it properly.

Any help is appreciated.Thanks!!!

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In order to track a user profile, the user will need an ASP.Net profile created.

There is programming involved to associate a Sitecore DMS/OMS visitor profile with an actual Asp.net profile. If you want to continue to track Sitecore user profile, you would have to use the Tracker.Visitor.ExternalUser and not iis to determine the current visitor on the internet site.

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