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I registered a new application with Twitter at, as I have done many other times....

On my application registration page under the "Details" tab, I see:

Your access token

It looks like you haven't authorized this application for your own Twitter account yet. For your convenience, we give you the opportunity to create your OAuth access token here, so you can start signing your requests right away. The access token generated will reflect your application's current permission level.

On ALL of my other registered applications for other Twitter accounts I manage, under "Your access token" (as seen above) I see "Access token" and "Access token secret" listed. If I remember correctly, to generate these values, I simply clicked "Create your access token" at the bottom of this page.

For my new Twitter account, clicking this just brings up a dialog that says:

Your OAuth access token has been successfully created. Note that this may take a moment to reflect.

Did Twitter recently change something that I should know about? How can I get my tokens to show up like normal under the "Details" tab???

This is extremely frustrating!

Thanks in advance!!

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I updated the "Settings" tab URL to: and updated the "Settings" tab Callback URL to the same.

I then ran and reran the authentication code for the link above. Eventually, the tokens showed up like normal under the "Details" tab.

I wish Twitter would simply stick with something...instead of changing the behavior every two months!

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