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Im building a registration form and planning to use dojox.form.PasswordValidation to verify if the inputted passwords are the same. Is there a way to use dojox.form.PasswordValidation programatically? If i do this:

<div id="sample">
    <input type="password" pwType="new" />
    <input type="password" pwType="verify" />

    var a = new dojox.form.PasswordValidation({}, "sample");

The above code works as expected, but I want to strip-off those "pwType" tags and create a pure HTML tags only. If I do that, where should I put "pwType"?

P.S. I'm using Dojo 1.6

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Unfortunately it looks like this widget is not really up-to-date with the recent changes where dojo tries to move all the invalid html attributes into the valid data-* attributes. When looking at the postCreate method of that widget it has this code in the middle of it:

dojo.forEach(["old","new","verify"], function(i){
    widgets.push(dojo.query("input[pwType=" + i + "]", 
}, this);

And just afterwards it makes sure that it found the necessary inputs, otherwise it will throw an error.

So if you want to use something other than the pwType attributes, then you will probably have to overwrite the postCreate method of this widget to query something else, for example:

dojo.query("input[data-dojo-password-type=" + i + "]")

and then you can specify the values in data-dojo-password-type instead of pwType like this:

<div id="sample">
    <input type="password" data-dojo-password-type="new" />
    <input type="password" data-dojo-password-type="verify" />
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what about something like :

var theDiv = dojo.create("div", {id: "sample"}),
    theNewPass = dojo.create("input", {type: "password", pwType: "new"}, theDiv, "last"),
    theVerifPass = dojo.create("input", {type: "password", pwType: "verify"}, theDiv, "last"),
    a = new dojox.form.PasswordValidation({}, "sample")
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