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Does anyone else experience issues with html5 boilerplate with chrome 16.0.912.63? Just downloaded it and when I open index.html it takes about 40 seconds to render. Looking in Chrome developer tools it appears that the protocol relative url


is causing the issue. If I add the http: to the URL it seems to retrieve jquery in a reasonable amount of time, but then the modernizr.js script has issues retrieving ga.js.

I assume there are many people using boilerplate with Chrome, but I didn't see anything on the boilerplate site that indicates this a common problem. Is it possible I have configured something incorrectly?

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I think boilerplate explain this issue here http://html5boilerplate.com/docs/FAQs/. They recommend to use local dev server instead of using file:/// schema to avoid this issue.

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On Unix systems go to your terminal and navigate to your project and type:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

index.html page will be on http://localhost:8000

On Windows, copy the Mongoose executable to your project folder and launch it. index.html page will be on http://localhost:8080

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