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what is the best way of creating functions using jquery rather than just attaching functions to a button press.

at the moment I am calling regular javascript functions from jquery.

function generate_random(){}
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thanks for the replies! I am trying to improve upon my jquery and the assistance provided is great! –  mary13123123 Dec 22 '11 at 1:58

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There should be no need to wrap the call in an extra layer of function... so you can write;

function generate_random(){}

Function name are really just function pointers, which is also what is generated when you create an anonymous function like in ..click(function(){...})

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thanks - happy holidays –  mary13123123 Dec 22 '11 at 1:59

That's a perfectly reasonable way to call a function in jQuery, assuming the first 'click' is actually an element selector. Alternatively, you can put whatever code is inside the generate_random() function into the place where you're currently calling generated_random() (i.e. inside the jQuery click function)

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Assuming your generate_random does not take any parameters (that would overwise conflict with parameters passed by jQuery event handler) you can rewrite that code simply as

function generate_random(){/* body */}

Alternatively if you are not calling generate_random anywhere else, then this would be more appropriate

$(click).click(function() {/* body */});
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you could use .on() (jQuery 1.7.x)

$(selector).on('click', function(){
    //functionality  generate_random


$(selector).on('click', generate_random);
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