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I want to check that all links on a page contain a certain element. This is the current web_step I have but it is not working. Any ideas?

Then /^all links above footer should countain "([^"]+)"$/ do |parameter|
  al = page.all('a')
  al.each do |i|
    i.include?(parameter).should be_true
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You probably need to assert against a particular attribute of each a element - if you're checking that the 'src' attribute contains 'parameter' then:

i[:href].include?(parameter).should be_true

Or, to make better use of the rspec matchers (and get better failure messages):

i[:href].should include parameter
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[:src] no longer appears to work. Use [:href] instead.

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I recommend either making this a comment to Jon M's answer or fleshing it out so that it can stand on its own without reading Jon M's answer. –  Nick Jan 29 at 20:49

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