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I'm writing a small program with an interpreter, I would like to pipe any command that is not recognized by my shell to bash, and print the output as if written in a normal terminal.

func RunExtern(c *shell.Cmd) (string, os.Error) {   
    cmd := exec.Command(c.Cmd(), c.Args()...)
    out, err := cmd.Output()

    return string(out), err

this is what I've written so far, but it only executes a program with its args, I would like to send the whole line to bash and get the output, any idea how to do so ?

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For example, to list directory entries in columns,

package main

import (

func BashExec(argv []string) (string, os.Error) {
    cmdarg := ""
    for _, arg := range argv {
        cmdarg += `"` + arg + `" `
    cmd := exec.Command("bash", "-c", cmdarg)
    out, err := cmd.Output()
    return string(out), err

func main() {
    out, err := BashExec([]string{`ls`, `-C`})
    if err != nil {
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the -c !! I tried running bash only, should've manned it. Thank's a lot :) –  r---------k Dec 22 '11 at 13:53

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