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I have a set of SQL script that wants to change schema.

create table Service.Table1 (col1 varchar(100));
create table Operation.Table2 (col1 varchar(100));
create table Support.Table3 (col1 varchar(100));

However, the schema is going to change

Service -> Sev
Operation -> Opn
Support -> Spt

The search regular expression is easy ([A-Za-z0-9_]+)\.([A-Za-z0-9_]+)

However, how to do the conditional replacement in Notepad++ or other tools if they can?


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I would run replace 3 times, once for each schema name:

create table Service\.
Replace with:
create table Svc.

create table Support\.
Replace with:
create table Spt.

create table Operation\.
Replace with:
create table Opn.

Or here is one that uses groups references:

Replace with:

Here \1 will hold the dot operator and the table name and \2 holds the rest of the line.

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Notepad++ regex implementation is not really powerfull; so,

other tools if they can?

Here is a way to do it:

perl -pi.back -e '%tr=(Service=>"Sev",Operation=>"Opn",Support=>"Spt");s/(?<=create table )(\w+)/$tr{$1}/e;' TheFile

You can add any number of Original => 'Modified' as you want within the hash %tr.

TheFile will be backuped into TheFile.back before processing.

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