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I tried to generate the for directory using .

I have tried the belwo command, but it generates recursively inside each folder for each file.

<target name="default" depends="">
    <echo message="Generating Checksum for each environment" />
    <checksum todir="${target.output.dir}" format="MD5SUM" >
        <fileset dir="${target.output.dir}" />

I just want to generate one checksum for particular directory using Ant command. Pls help how do I do that?


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You want to use the totalproperty attribute. As per the documentation this property will hold a checksum of all the checksums and file paths.


<target name="hash">
  <checksum todir="x" format="MD5SUM" totalproperty="sum.of.all">
    <fileset dir="x"/>

Some other general notes.

  • This is not idempotent. Each time you run it you will get a new value because it includes the previous hash file in the new hash (and then writes a new hash file). I suggest that you change the todir attribute to point elsewhere
  • It's a good idea to name your targets meaningfully. See this great article by Martin Fowler for some naming ideas
  • You don't need the depends attribute if there's no dependency.
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Thanks alot :) it works. Well, one more question. How to use SHA-256 format ? –  Mohamed Saligh Dec 22 '11 at 6:34
Ant is probably calling MessageDigest.getInstance(format) under the covers. This means you will need to have installed a security provider that supports the format you want. Have you tried it? If it doesn't work, then you should install a provider (such as bouncycastle.org into your JRE). –  Synesso Dec 22 '11 at 6:38

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