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Is it possible to access the current request in Kohana's bootstrap? I tried accessing Request::$current but $current doesn't seem to be defined at that stage. Is there any way around that? Also at what point in the application is Request::$current defined?

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You can use it after Kohana initialization.


Also, good practice is using interface methods instead of public variable. I'm wondering why the developers keep $current as a public field.

So.. use


Also, It seems that using


is better idea. But it depends on your realization.

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It's not possible, because Request object is created in index.php after including bootstrap.php:

// Bootstrap the application
require APPPATH.'bootstrap'.EXT;

 * Execute the main request. A source of the URI can be passed, eg: $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'].
 * If no source is specified, the URI will be automatically detected.
$request = Request::factory();

If you must access it, do it in the index.php after it has been created, although maybe you could tell us what exactly are you trying to do?

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