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I'm trying to return a date as a string but remove the first 0 from the hour returned.

This is the code I'm using:

t = Time.new

current_date = Time.local(t.year, t.month, t.day, t.hour, t.min/30*30)
time_str = current_date.strftime("%I.%M+%p").downcase

puts time_str


Expected output:
3.00+pm # need to remove the last zero from the hour(s)
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just use %l instead of %I

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I had to add strip! at the end as the returned string was " 3.00+pm". It works, thanks! –  gotnull Dec 22 '11 at 4:22
you are welcome buddy.. do not forget to mark it as accepted answer for the help of future visitor. –  dku.rajkumar Dec 22 '11 at 4:29

Just add one point: if you want to quickly find the format string, man date will give you the correct answer if you are on OS X or Linux.

If the strftime and date format string differs, you can always find it up in the Ruby document, here's the document for strftime.

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Thanks for the tip. –  gotnull Jan 4 '12 at 2:07

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