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I would like to do something like this in terminal

$ ruby quicksort.rb unsorted.txt

quicksort.rb is the ruby file I would like to run unsorted.txt is the input file that contains unsorted numbers. Is it possible to do something like this in ruby?

Thank you.

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You can read the commandline arguments and do a file operation. to read arguments you can use

ARGV.each do|a|
  puts "Argument: #{a}"

This way you can get the filename and get the content.

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ARGF makes this kind of task easy, almost as easy as Perl's <> operator:

$ cat quicksort.rb 

ARGF.each do |line|
    puts line
$ ruby quicksort.rb /etc/passwd

You might like to bookmark this extremely helpful quick guide to Ruby IO.

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For arguments, use argv

ARGV.each do|file|

Then you can read contents of the file :

f =, File::RDONLY)
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While I do like solving stuff in Ruby I just want to point out:

> sort unsorted.txt > sorted.txt

if you have a decent (*nix) command line. But maybe you want to do more than just the sorting?

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Just read from standard in, the shell can do this for you easily:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
puts $

Then use the "<" to forward the contents of the bar.txt file containing "foobar" to your program.

$ ruby foo.rb  < bar.txt 

Another solution that more matches what you want to do would be:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

running it:

$ ruby foo.rb bar.txt 

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