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I want to change the button images of pager (first, last, next, prev, fastforward). I tired using CSS but i haven't been able to achieve it. Any Help or Suggestion would be appreciated. I am using GWT 2.4.0

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You need to extend SimplePager.Resources interface and provide your own images. Then pass on an instance of these resources into the SimplePager constructor:

public interface MyPagerImages extends SimplePager.Resources
    // Here you can @Override all the methods and place @Source annotation to tell
    // SimplePager what image should be loaded as a replacement
    // For example here I am replacing the Fast Forward image.
    @Source( "myFastForward.gif" )
    ImageResource simplePagerFastForward() 

then when constructing the SimplePager:

MyPagerImages myImages = GWT.create(MyPagerImages.class);
SimplePager pager = new SimplePager(SimplePager.TextLocation.CENTER, 
  myImages, true, 1000 /* that's the default */, false);
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