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OK, check out the following codes first:

Demo1 = [[], []]
Demo2 = [[]] * 2
print "Demo1: ", Demo1
print "Demo2: ", Demo2

And here's the output:

Demo1:  [[1], []]
Demo2:  [[1], [1]]

I need to create a list whose items are all list as well just like Demo1 and Demo2, of course I used Demo2 in my script and it kept getting into trouble until I found the reason which is what you can see from above codes. So why is this happening? Most of the cases I would use Demo2 to create such list as its length differs each time, but how do I append an item to separate lists within the list without getting into such mess?

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I repeat the print "Demo2: ", Demo2 a couple of times and I found that online first line doesn't work, subsequent line is working, weird huh –  cherhan Dec 22 '11 at 6:13
Should be in the next weekly newsletter :) –  Kirill Dec 22 '11 at 6:14

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For you first question: It is happening because in Demo2 case your list contains two copies of the same object. See for example below where I print the memory locations of those elements, noting that they differ for Demo1 but match for Demo2.

>>> Demo1 = [[], []]
>>> Demo2 = [[]] * 2
>>> print id(Demo1[0]), id(Demo1[1])
33980568 34018800
>>> print id(Demo2[0]), id(Demo2[1])
34169920 34169920

For your second question: you could use a list comprehension like [[] for i in xrange(n)], in order to be creating a new list n times rather than duplicating the same list n times.


>>> Demo2 = [[] for i in xrange(2)]
>>> Demo2
[[], []]
>>> Demo2[0].append(1)
>>> Demo2
[[1], []]
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Thanks mate, problem solved. Although still don't understand why it's designed to be like this. To me, it does not make sense creating duplicate stuff using Demo2 = [[]] * 2. –  Shane Dec 22 '11 at 8:40

Demo2 is a list containing two references to the same list.

Demo2 = [[] for x in range(2)]
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