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In recess, I have a controller


 * !RespondsWith Layouts

 * !Prefix user/


class UserController extends Controller 


I want to wrap all methods of the UserController using Iwrapper. I know how to wrap method of a normal class using IWrapper. But in the case of the controller, i 'm not being able to do it because the UserController is not instantiated and its methods are called automatically by the recess controller.

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You can use annotations to add a wrapper to the controller class. For instance, I have a controller "nas"

 * !RespondsWith Json,CSV
 * !Prefix nas/
 class NasController extends Controller {

      * !Route GET
      * !VerifyPermission Module: data, Permission: read, UnauthorizedAction: noEntry
      function index() {

The VerifyPermission annotation will add a wrapper in the expand method


class VerifyPermissionAnnotation extends Annotation {

    protected function expand($class, $reflection, $descriptor) {
        $module = $this->module;
        $permission = $this->permission;
        $unauthorizedAction = $this->unauthorizedaction;

        $descriptor->addWrapper('serve',new VerifyPermissionWrapper($module,$permission,$unauthorizedAction, $reflection->getName()));
        /* ... */
        return $descriptor;

Then you can create the VerifyPermissionWrapper and the standard methods will be wrapped around your class method (before(), after(), combine())

class VerifyPermissionWrapper implements IWrapper {
    function __construct($module, $permission, $action, $method) {
        $this->module = $module;
        $this->permission = $permission;
        $this->action = $action;
        $this->method = $method;

    function before($controller, &$args) {
        error_log('Before {$this->action} on {$this->method}');
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