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I want to add a variable ${date} in the following bash script:

ffmpeg -i in.flv -vf drawtext="fontfile=Sans.ttf:text='Today is ${date}':fontsize=6" out.flv

Obviously, ${date} won't expand in single quote, please also note that there is a double quote beyond the single quote, which makes it even more complicated.

Thanks a lot. I am on CentOS 6.

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${date} is expanded because it is between double quotes (the single quotes inside the double quotes are just characters)

Test it with:

$ export date=SOMEVALUE
$ echo ffmpeg -i in.flv -vf drawtext="fontfile=/usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuLGCSans.ttf:text='Today is ${date}':fontsize=6" out.flv
ffmpeg -i in.flv -vf drawtext=fontfile=/usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuLGCSans.ttf:text='Today is SOMEVALUE':fontsize=6 out.flv
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Your ${date} WILL expand correctly. As you said yourself, you surround the whole string with double quotes, and bash will expand variables into double quotes.

The fact that there are inner single quotes does not matter at all:

fg@erwin ~ $ ritchie="Goodbye world"
fg@erwin ~ $ echo "When Dennis passed away, he said '$ritchie'"
When Dennis passed away, he said 'Goodbye world'
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