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When I use spring mvc, I use <mvc:resources /> to map the location of the static resources to handler, and now I want to add some new functions to handler resource, is there anyone who can tell me how to override the ResourceHttpRequestHandler?

(Based on the following doc, the <mvc:resources /> use ResourceHttpRequestHandler to handle resources.)

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't tried this but you could try extending the ResourceHttpRequestHandler and use a BeanFactoryPostProcessor to replace ResourceHttpRequestHandler class with your custom class . A similar solution is given here


public class ResourceHttpRequestHandlerReplacer implements   BeanFactoryPostProcessor {
public void postProcessBeanFactory(ConfigurableListableBeanFactory factory)
        throws BeansException {

    String[] names = factory.getBeanNamesForType(ResourceHttpRequestHandler.class);

    for (String name: names) {
        BeanDefinition bd = factory.getBeanDefinition(name);
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