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Here it is,

I use this autoclose plugin, since I want the auto close functionality on vim.

When using Omnicompletion while editing HTML this what I get.

<p id="

Note the initial quotes...

After entering some data, I proceded to close the quotes, this being the output

<p id="sometext""

I'm aware that I can toggle the plugin with the ToggleAutoCloseMappings. I thought also on deleting the existing quotes and opening some with the autoclose plugin.

A more elegant solution will be to just close the existing quotes without toggling the plugin (it doesn't has to be autoclose).

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I would suggest one of two solutions:

  1. The simplest one: just use <C-v>" when inserting quote after completion.
  2. Use <expr> mapping where you try to check for the situation and run that plugin only when needed.

    " Put to ~/.vim/after/plugin/autoclose.vim
    let g:old_quote_rhs=substitute(maparg('"', 'i'), '<[^>]*>', '\=eval(''"\''.submatch(0).''"'')', 'g')
    inoremap <expr> " (HasUnclosedQuote() ? '"' : g:old_quote_rhs)

    The trickiest part is to write function HasUnclosedQuote right. Here is a simple implementation working only for unclosed quotes on the same line:

    function HasUnclosedQuote()
        return getline('.')[:(col('.')-1)]!~#'\v^%([^"]+|\"%(\\.|[^"\\]+)*\")*$'
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The plugin only recognizes quotes that have been explicitly entered. When you introduce quotes from auto-completion (or register pastes), this isn't recognized and therefore results in the duplicate quote.

I guess there's little you can do except avoid inserting such incomplete quote fragments when the plugin is active.

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