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my build process with TFS 2010 should perform different task one after the other like:

  1. Build 1st project in solution

  2. Execute MSBuild via command line (to publish the project)

  3. Execute a 3rd party tool via command line (to obfuscate the binaries)

  4. Build a 2nd project in the solution (an InstallShield project)

How can I achieve this? I can define several project in the Build Definition but how can I invoke several command line task between these build steps? And the MSBuildArguments in the Build Definition: Are these arguments for every msbuild call for each project/solution?



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At first, you need to add in your build definition the distinct *.*proj instead of one big *.sln - or (even better) construct more than one *.sln & order them to get build in the build definition.
So you could organize a Project1.sln, Project2.sln etc that are only used from the Build.

In addition to that, you would have to make changes in the build process template to get this.
By default you get something like that, that executes each set project/solution within a bigger foreach:
enter image description here

A good way would be to enhance this as a sequence, where all your custom action are set as InvokeProcess activities:
enter image description here

Obviously, you would have to insert here a flow control, so that Publish & Dotfuscator execute the first time (where Project1.sln gets build), while ISDEV executes the second time (where Project2.sln gets build). In the sample below I used a switch & packed Publish & Dotfuscator in a new Sequence.
Finally, you would have to have a counter of some sort. The most immediate option is to set a new Int32 Variable with default == 1 and increase it by hand during execution. In the sample below this is done in the lower Assign:
enter image description here

This final override of Complie the Project, along with a changed Build Definition should get what you 're after.

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Wow ... what a cool answer ... will try this :-) thanks. – Konrad Dec 22 '11 at 11:39
I hope it works out for you! – pantelif Dec 22 '11 at 12:03

The team build definition takes a list of sln's and msbuild project files. You can put simply split your InstallShield project out into it's own solution ( most developers won't have a copy of InstallShield anyways likely ) and write an msbuild targets file for steps 2 and 3. Then just tell your build definition to build solution 1, the targets file and solution 2.

You could also choose to put the stuff in the targets file in a postbuild event for one of the projects in solution 1.

I wouldn't do this in workflow.

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