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In my 3d application, I have a TreeView that is databound to an ObservableCollection of objects in my 3d scene. In theory a user can click on an object in the 3d view, which should update the TreeView to select the corresponding item. But I don't exactly know how. All I have is the 3d object the user picked.

How do I go about doing this?

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Found the solution right here.

And he's got sample source code that works, which kicks all kinds of ass.

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I would assume both the treeview and scene item would share ( and be identified by ) a common ID value. Then, in either your 3D scene or Treeview, implement and subscribe to an OnSelectionChanged, which your TreeView probably already has. Then, when one is updated/changed, the other should be notified instantly, and update itself accordingly. Be sure of course to eat the change even on the update or you will create a nasty loop of OnChange events.

... or, did I misunderstand your question?

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