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I am new with programming games with cocos2d. I went through the following tutorial on how to move two different CCSprites:

The tutorial subclasses CCSprite with Targeted Touch Delegate, but it only lets one CCSprite to move at one time. I was wondering how I could move two different CCSprites at the same time but in different directions. For example: one thumb on a CCSprite moving it to the left and another thumb moving another CCSprite to the right, both being done at the same time.


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On the GL View set the MultipleTouchEnabled to Yes.

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Sweet thanks, that worked. – Rehat Dec 22 '11 at 19:50

For your touch implementation, check out the example of snekyjoystick for cocos2d. link, . I did same kind of implementation in previous project and it works fine ! Code wont help you to use directly, you have to find it out from it.. Best luck !

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