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I have some XML files.

Presently an attribute envid is set to null and I want it to be QA in all the file(s). How can i do that without opening each and every file?

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sed -i 's:envid="":envid="QA":g' *.xml

Should replace every occurence of envid="" with envid="QA" in your *.xml files. But don't forget that XML files can be strangly formatted, e.g. this won't be replaced:

<tag envid=''>

neither this

<tag envid=
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What do you mean by opening? To change a file, you have to open it, but probably by a different program than your text editor. For example:

sed -i~ 's/envid="null"/envid="QA"/g' *.xml

It should replace all strings envid="null" with envid="QA" in your xml files, leaving a backup with the ~ suffix. The g is needed if several substituions are needed on one line.

Be careful when changing xml this way, though. If any of the xml files contains the string envid="null" somewhere (attibute xenvid, text inside an element), the script will replace it as well. For safety, I'd use something like xsh:

xsh 'for //@envid[.="null"] set . "QA" ; save :b' -F *.xml
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-i is a feature of gnu sed –  hop Dec 22 '11 at 9:23

I have not enough context to give you an exact answer. However, try to get inspiration from:

perl -pi -e 's/foo/bar/g' *.xml
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