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I'm opening a default address book contact in my app, but it's opening all the detail of the contact. I only want the phone number, not the other details. How do I do this?

Below is the code I use.

ABPersonViewController *personController = [[ABPersonViewController alloc] init];

personController.personViewDelegate = self;
personController.allowsEditing = NO;

personController.displayedPerson = person;
personController.addressBook = ABAddressBookCreate();

personController.displayedProperties = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:           [NSNumber numberWithInt:kABPersonPhoneProperty],                                            nil];   

[[self navigationController] pushViewController:personController animated:YES];
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I already give this answer please check this link Click Here –  Hardik Shah Dec 22 '11 at 9:39
actually i just want to show it in default address book, I dont have to display in manually. So for that we have to pass properties, but its not working. –  user1072740 Dec 22 '11 at 9:43
In default address book of the iPhone there is no such option to display number instead of name. I think you have to try it manually. –  Hardik Shah Dec 22 '11 at 10:07

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ABContact *contact = [collection objectAtIndex:indexPath.row];
cell.textLabel.text = contact.contactName;

i used abcontactshelper class for this.

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