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I need to set a time limit on a python function which use some multiprocessing stuff (I don't know if it matters). Something like this:


     p1 = Process(a_list[0:len(a_list/2)])
     p2 = Process(a_list[len(a_list)/2: len(a_list)])

     //start and join p1, p2

I look around the net and I found a time out decorator but it looks quite tricky and verbose (I'm newbie on decorators). What I'd want is a simple thing.


I think I made it too simple. My program iterates over the above function and store result in a list something like this:


     retval = function(some_list)  # here I need the time out thing

     # if function timed out then skip

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You should be able to do that with this code:

if process.is_alive():

So instead of setting a timeout in the function, you can join with a timeout the process and if the process hasn't finished after that timeout, then terminate it.

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