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I want to create an app that have 5 textfield and a textView:

1 - Name
2 - Surname
3 - Telephone
4 - "your email" (user email, not address email receiver)
5 - city
6 - textView (for body mail)

So, when I filled all textView I want to send this message at an address mail that is set in the code.

I'll compose mail as this example:

mail from: "name" "surmane"
email: "yuor email"
telephone: "telephone"
city: "city"
bosy: "textview content""

But it's not my problem; my problem is that I don't want to use app mail iphone, but I want that when I push a button "send", I want to show just an alertView that say "email sent"; is it possible ?

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This should work

MFMailComposeViewController *mailSendingController = [MFMailComposeViewController new];

[mailSendingController setSubject:@"Feedback"];
[mailSendingController setToRecipients:[NSArray arrayWithObject:@""]];
[mailSendingController setMessageBody:myText isHTML:NO];

mailSendingController.mailComposeDelegate = self;

[self presentModalViewController:mailSendingController animated:YES];

where myText is a string that you make with your info

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This could be done by sending the data to a server and sending it from there. I dont see a way of sending it directly from the device without using the mail app.

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ok, I solve with MFMailComposeViewController... – Naz Dec 22 '11 at 10:32
No dude, you solve this by creating a webservice like hiren said. Send some data to a php server for example through POST, and fill in the blanks. – MaikelS Dec 22 '11 at 11:04

for this you have to create webservice. because without this the only option is inbuilt mail method of ios

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