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Is there a way to define from address with Mail::Send package.

I tried below

my $email = new Mail::Send;

but it is giving below error.

Can't locate object method "from" via package "Mail::Send" at unix-mail1.pl line 11.


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From looking at the source code, it doesn't support from(), which means it won't support it in the constructor. You need to set() it manually which will be picked up and handled by Mail::Mailer (part of the MailTools package) when you call open().

my $email = Mail::Send->new(to => );
$email->set('From', 'eTEC');
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Great men..it works...thanks a lot....regards –  Mahesh Dec 22 '11 at 11:14

There is nothing in the documentation for Mail::Send which indicates that it supports a from method. So I'm not sure why you think it exists.

In general, modules in the "Mail" namespace are older and less useful than modules in the "Email" namespace. I recommend that you look at Email::Sender (or even Email::Sender::Simple).

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Never used it, but try Mail::Send->new(From => 'your@email')

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