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I have installed Hadoop-0.20.2 on my machine(windows). I tried setting up clustering of nodes,with a master and a slave. But i am unable to connect the machines. There is some password authentication error. please can anyone help me out. If it is possible can anyone provide me a suitable link for setting up multiple clusters in hadoop.


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password authentication error means, Is it the firewall, AD etc. Specify the windows version and your network details.

I followed this link http://hayesdavis.net/2008/06/14/running-hadoop-on-windows/ to set up the Hadoop on our windows server.

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For a multi-node Windows Cluster, the Hortonworks website has an installation document here:


These are the instructions for a single node cluster on Windows Server 2012 (HDP 2.0 for Windows): http://hortonworks.com/blog/install-hadoop-windows-hortonworks-data-platform-2-0/

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