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I have added the Sitecatalyst library to my iPhone application. However I get a lot of linker warnings that I do not know how to get rid of? I am using Xcode 4.2. The deployment target is iOS 4.0. Valid architectures are set to arm6 & arm7.


ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/.../libAppMeasurement-iOSDevice.a, missing required architecture i386 in file

How do I get rid of these warnings? Are the warnings any harmful?

(From experiences, warnings like these sooner or later get you into trouble.)

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looks like the library was built for the device and you're trying to run it on the simulator. – Rog Dec 22 '11 at 11:37
There are two libraries; one for the device and one for the simulator. Both have linker warnings. – Johan Karlsson Dec 22 '11 at 11:39
Rog 4; thanks, your answer made me think a little bit. As it turns out you need to add one or the other, not both. With my settings, Xcode will try to link both. I now manually delete the one that I am not using and adding the one that I need. During my daily work I switch quite often between the simulator and the phone. Now I need a way for Xcode to find out which one to use depending on the target. – Johan Karlsson Dec 22 '11 at 11:50
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As it turns out there was a newer version of the Sitecatalyst library that was built the correct way.

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